What is a Value Proposition or USP

Sir Manu Machaba is a Legal Consultant, Business Mentor and Coach. Among the company clients are the Incubation Hubs, Small Enterprise Development Agency, Professional bodies, SMMEs, etc. Value Proposition is critical to the success or failure of any product/ service. If well crafted and compelling it converts leads and potentials into buyers and advocates of your offering. It can also influence investors/ financers to fund your company. Badly created it is the same as having none because your competitors will always convert at your expense. It must be a truthful, relevant and concise statement of fact. No jargon or lengthy and boring statements of features. It must be about the high value for the user or buyer. In this video, Sir Manu explains WHAT it is, WHY you must have a compelling one, and HOW to create an effective USP. Visit our website for our services.http://www.machabaconsulting.com

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