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To provide practical, effective and sustainable solutions for legal, professionals, and businesses problems.

Core Values

Client Experience and Centricity Efficiency Integrity Inspiration

Our story


Machaba Advisory and Consulting Group is a Holding Company. 

Its subsidiary Company is Sirmanu Enterprise (Pty) Ltd. Both the Holding and Subsidiary companies started full time operations in 2016. 

Machaba Advisory and Consulting Group is a global company co- founded and directed by Sir Manu Machaba (Negotiator, Mediator, Legal Consultant and Entrepreneur), and Dr. Masilo Machaba, a Medical Practitioner and Business Management Consultant.  

The subsidiary company, Sirmanu Enterprises (Pty) Ltd is founded by Sir Manu Machaba. 

Machaba Consulting, and Sirmanu Enterprise are focused on legal, professional, and business solutions that assist companies with productivity and efficiency. 

We also assist businesses to develop and implement effective business models and strategies that are client centric and produce sustainable results.   

Over the years, our company grew to add Training on Design Thinking Processes, and Career Development Mentoring and Coaching

Our mentoring and coaching sessions ensures that we impart Soft and Technical skills that are necessary to develop and sustain growth in the current business world.

Therefore, for business to be effective, it is imperative to implement the Conflict Negotiations Programmes designed to empower all employees with effective Conflict Negotiations skills.

We, at Machaba Consulting and Sirmanu Enterprise work with clients from Micro to large enterprises and assist them with legal solutions and improved business performances. Our clients come from different fields of expertise: 

Software and Apps Development






Fashion Industry




Health and Beauty


Food and Beverage

Bio- sciences

Mining and Energy




We have also provided services, and continue to do so, to Parastatals, Start- Ups, SMMEs, Private and Public Institutions.

Machaba Consulting still continue to nationally offer Masterclasses, Workshops, and Coaching to multiple organizations. 

With the COVID- 19 pandemic, we will be conducting our group mentorship sessions and workshops virtually.

Our Team



Sir Manu Machaba is a Law Graduate. Apart from his Law degree, he also has the following qualifications:

  • Business Writing Skills
  • Project Management
  • Leading Teams
  • Mini MBA (Business Models and  Strategy, Business Analysis, Leadership and Management, Advanced Project Management, Advanced Business Writing, Finance for Non- Professionals) 
  • Business Negotiations Skills

He has over 22 years practical Legal experience in the National Prosecuting Authority. 

He prosecuted for 11 years as a junior Prosecutor and the other 11 years as a Senior Public Prosecutor in KZN and Gauteng. 

In these collective 22 years he prosecuted: 

  • Criminal Cases (Murder, Culpable Homicide, Rape, Armed Business and Home Robberies, Aggravated Assaults, Damage To property, Maintenance Matters)
  • Commercial Crimes (Corruption, Fraud, Theft, Financial Embezzlement)
  • Traffic Offences (Culpable Homicide, Reckless and Negligent Driving, Driving under the Influence of intoxicating Liquor or Drugs)
  • Drugs related Crimes

It was in the 22 years as a legal practitioner that he honed his Litigation, Mediation and Negotiation Skills as he mediated and negotiated Workplace Conflicts and Legal disputes between opposing parties.

He also successfully mediated in both Formal and Informal Settlement Agreements, and negotiated Plea Bargaining Agreements with Advocates, Attorneys, Magistrates, and affected parties.

As a Manager, he also Mentored, Coached, Developed, and Assessed Employees

During his tenure as a Senior Public Prosecutor, he also spent 5 years as a Union Shop Steward, and as an Employee Representative in Disciplinary Hearings.

Over 10 yrs as a Part time EntrepreneurInspirational Speaker and Programme Director

20 years part time Network Marketer


  • Legal Consultant and Advisor
  • Contract Negotiator
  • Workplace Conflict Negotiator
  • Conflict Manager
  • Mentoring and Coaching in: 

1. Business Negotiations

2. Conflict Negotiations/ Management/ Resolution

3. Performance Development

4. Career Advancement

5. Enterprise Development

Sir Manu Machaba

Company President

Formal educational background is in the field of Health Sciences.

He has graduated in MBChB ( Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). where he obtained skills in surgical disciplines (general surgery, ENT, Urology, Orthopaedics, Opthalmology, Neurosurgery, Paediatric surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology), Pathological disciplines (Forensic Pathology, Chemical Pathology, Anatomical Pathology and Haematology) and Medical disciplines (family medicine, internal medicine, palliative medicine, oncology, cardio, neurology, pediatrics, community/occupational medicine and psychiatry). His basic skills include psychology and medical sciences. 

Dr. Masilo Machaba has completed 4 years of informal online studies in Forex trading, where he specialized in Technical Analysis, Forex psychology, capital risk management and fundamental and technical indicator analysis. He has managed multiple live accounts.

He has experience in coaching, mentoring and developing trading strategies for clients. His skills include: 

Business Administration

Public speaking on medical topics

Leadership seminars

Digital marketing strategies

Business coaching

Forex: Fibonacci retracemets, support and resistance trading, patterns and probability analysis in forex, ichimuko hyo, Bollinger bands, Japanese candle stick analysis, shapes, trend line and Forex capital risk management

Dr Masilo Papi Machaba

Company Vice-President

Qualifications are:

a. Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice (Unisa).

b. B. Tech Degree in Forensic Investigations (Unisa).

c. National Diploma Security Risk Management (Unisa).

d. Certificate in Information System Security (SETA).

e. Certificate in A+ Computer Studies (Pc Business College).

Added to the qualifications, has over 10 years practical competence in Security, Risk Management, Investigations and a number of management and law related programmes.

Experience includes years as a security manager, risk analysis manager and investigation officer in the Military and also the Academic experience gained through different courses and programmes.

Joseph Wanda Zondi

Partner :Forensic investigations and security

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