Our Services

Machaba Consulting Group provide quality, cost effective and sustainable solutions. In our effort to provide these services, the preservation of clients’ organizational values and culture remain core to all systems, processes, and strategies. 

Our problem based solutions are results orientated, and geared towards growth and sustaining both personal and organizational growth.

The professional mentoring and coaching sessions that we provide increase employee engagement and productivity.

We have now also included Virtual formal tutorial classes from Grades 1- 7 (Afrikaans, English, Mathematics, and Mathematics Literacy).

At tertiary level, we offer online tutorials in (1) Intro to the Study of Law (2) Criminal Law (3) Law of Evidence (4) Criminal Procedural Law (5) Private Law and (6) Business Law. 

We'd like to meet you and together develop practical and sustainable solutions to your educational, professional and/or business challenges

Leadership & Negotiations Skills

In Leadership roles, successful organizations thrive on the strength of their great leaders that have negotiations skills.. 

In our Programmes, our clients learn:

  • How to design a Negotiation game- plan
  • Various Negotiations strategies and techniques
  • Drafting a Negotiations Value proposition checklist
  • Interpreting Non- verbal communications
  • How to handle emotions from the other side, and to check your own emotions 
  • Dealing with Cultural barriers
  • Strategies to enhance the skills to work cooperatively for a mutual agreement.

In some cases, where desired by the client, we negotiate deals and contract on their behalf.

Commercial Conflict Negotiations and Resolution

Irrespective of employees good relationships or the strength of the organizational culture, conflict is inevitable- Managers, Supervisors, Employees, Colleagues, Stakeholders, Family Members, Friends, Spouses, etc.

Whenever conflicts are not resolved, it leads to morale drops, plummeting production, dropped efficiency,  increased absenteeism, elevated attrition rate, and high number of sick leaves. 

Learning how to handle disputes efficiently and effectively is important for any leader.

Negotiators and Mediators are increasingly used as effective alternative to commercial disputes without resorting to litigation. 

For businesses to be effective, it is imperative to implement the Conflict Negotiations Programmes designed to empower all employees with effective Conflict Negotiations skills.

We therefore empower our clients with tools to:

  • Craft a Conflict Negotiation priority plan
  • Design Conflict Negotiations Checklist
  • Create Needs and Values- based negotiations
  • Interpret body language
  • Ask relevant probing questions
  • Provide useful tips to achieve collaborative and mutually beneficial agreement
  • Empower them with techniques to handle Deadlocks and Impasse
  • Equip them with Strategies to deal with emotions
  • Skill them with tools to negotiate across cultural barriers
  • Handle different Personality types, and Generations
  • Apply Negotiations Strategies and Techniques
  • Mindfulness of Tactics used by other parties.
  • At the end of the program, through our critical reasoning and analysis, we also do simulation exercises to test the delegates’ newly acquired tools.

Business Coaching and Mentoring

With a high rate that new businesses are folding up annually (over 70%), our key focus is on equipping the entrepreneurs with tools to stay in business.

Some companies grow and later become stagnant, we therefore empower them with practical tools to sustain the growth.

As registered business mentors and coaches, we have also been able to empower most incubated Start- Ups and SMMEs with these practical tools.








































Sales & Funding Pitch

Our experience with working with Start- Ups, has proved to us that Salespeople/ Entrepreneurs have a challenge of pricing and presenting their excellent Products/ Services to the Consumers. Due to lack of pricing technique, they either Over- price or Under- price their Goods or Services.

Failure to convert is owing to lack of Sales Strategies and Techniques. They inform the consumer rather than convert the occasion into a closed sale.

Further, when faced with price objections, they give in to the clients demands.

in our Masterclasses and Mentoring and Coaching Sessions, we give the delegates tools to:

1. Know the audience

2. Pitch Funding Tips

3. Develop persuasive Pitching Slides

4. Tools, Techniques and Strategies to Pitch- Financials, Traction, Marketing, Risks, etc.

5. Techniques to answer objections and questions from Investors

We also empower entrepreneurs with techniques to pitch their Product/ Service to potential Customers/ Clients. We also give them tools to handle all forms of objections.

Where necessary, we either accompany or pitch the pitch the product on behalf of the client to their customer/ client 

Contract Negotiations

After the SA COVID- 19 lockdown, current/ majority of the current contracts/ deadlines/ agreements will have to be re- negotiated, new contracts drafted, new MoUs, and SLAs signed. Therefore, negotiations tools will assist the parties to achieve mutually beneficial agreements.

Whether you buy or sell a car/ house, involved in lobola discussions, employment contracts, salary pecks discussion, Leaves, Project deadlines, Stakeholder/Supplier/ Customer/ Client discussions, negotiation skills are useful and imperative. 

Cash flow management is important for the businesses liquidity and sustainability. 

Therefore, in today’s world, negotiation skills are critical to the success of any enterprise or personal lives. Negotiating cheaper prices or small savings potentially saves your costs.

Our training helps you achieve beneficial negotiations outcomes

Our training includes, though not limited to:

  • Virtual and Face to Face Negotiations
  • Successful telephonic negotiations
  • Crafting a Negotiation priority plan
  • Designing Negotiations Checklist
  • Creating Needs and Values- based negotiations
  • Interpreting body language
  • Applying Critical reasoning during negotiations
  • Asking relevant probing questions
  • Using Power elements
  • Useful tips to achieve collaboratively and mutually beneficial agreement
  • How to handle Deadlocks and Impasse
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Negotiating across cultural barriers
  • Apply Negotiations Strategies and Techniques
  • Aware of Tactics used by other parties


Business Models and Strategy

To be successful and sustainable, businesses need agile and adaptable models that relevant to the markets. These models need to be performance driven.

To achieve their Model, companies need a well crafted business Strategy– A road map in terms of how and when they are going to execute their plan in realizing their model.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, most enterprises will have review their Models and Strategies to be relevant to the current business demand and changes.

We therefore, assist enterprises with redesigning business Strategies and reviewing their Models

With businesses resuming their operations post COVID- 19 lockdown, they will be looking at restructuring and new innovative ideas and strategies to stay sustainable

We also empower clients with strategies to design their own tailor- made Product Value Proposition and Business Competitive Advantage. 

Career Development Coaching and Mentoring

The shrinking markets means that employees are finding themselves in a very competitive environment for employment.

It is for this reason that our services are for career focused and ambitious professionals.

With our proper M & C our clients are able to craft effective CVs, excel in job interviews, and  progress in their careers.

Partner with us when preparing for your Performance Assessment for positive evaluation outcomes. 

Legal Consulting & Investigations

Armed with over 22 years of Supervising and Guiding Criminal Investigations; and litigation experience, our company offers the following:

  • Legal Consulting and Advisory- Motor vehicle Accidents, Criminal, Maintenance, Civil, and Labour
  • Investigations- Forensic, Labour, and Criminal
  • Watching Briefs
  • Protection Orders
  • Private Prosecutions
  • Court Preparations
  • Uncontested Divorces
  • Sexual Offences
  • Workplace Harassment Workshop Facilitation



Design Thinking Methodologies/Processes

Design Thinking is a trending topic in the business world, which is User centric.

The inception of a new product is meant to check its validity and establish the focus on meeting customers’ demands. For that, organizations/ businesses benefit from the Design Thinking Processes, a powerful solution to solve user problems.

Our company has had an opportunity to empower institutions with Design Thinking  framework/ Processes, particularly Start- Ups and Innovators.

We employ this evolutionary, systematic, and non- linear method to:

  • Identify and uncover buyer’s needs
  • Brainstorm techniques to solve problems
  • Assist organizations (Public and Private sector) and Innovators to solve User’s complex problems.

This framework uses Divergent, and Convergent thinking to change the User’s current problems into a preferred solution.

When properly applied, it has led to improvements in: 

  • Problem Solving
  • Efficiency
  • Production 
  • Redefining Business Strategy
  • Re- inventing Business Models
  • Entrepreneurial Initiatives
  • Break- through and Turn- around
  • High attrition rate
  • New inventions
  • Employment
  • User- centered Innovations, etc

Knowledge is power

At Machaba Advisory and Consulting we coach,  mentor clients on practical and sustainable on: 

  • Business Solutions
  • Professional Services
  • Leadership Development
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Sales, and Funding Pitch
  • Conflict Negotiations/ Management/ Resolution
  • Performance Development and Management
  • Career Development.
  • Educational/ Academic Tutorials

Join successful business people

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