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Leadership & Negotiations Skills

Successful organizations thrive on the strength of great leaders. 

People are not objects that require to be managed; they need to be developed.

What makes these organizations great are the leaders’ skills to negotiate and not impose ideas. 

Business Conflict Negotiations and Management/ Resolutions

Whenever organizations are ill- equipped to manage and resolve conflicts, morale drops, there’s high attrition rate, increased absenteeism, lowered performance, and high number of absenteeism. These unresolved or ineffectively resolved conflicted invariably result in frequent and expensive labour related incidents, loss of clients and customers.

Most progressive organizations have invested their time, energy, and money in empowering their management teams and junior employees with the strategies to effectively negotiate conflicts.

Our goal therefore empowering our clients with these critical tools to effectively resolve the Workplace/ Business Impasse, Disagreement, Conflicts, and Deadlocks.

Where necessary, we represent the clients in Workplace Conflict Negotiations- whether it be with Clients, Suppliers, Stakeholders, Employees, and Managers. 

Business Coaching and Mentoring

With a high rate new businesses folding up annually (over 70%), our key focus is on equipping the Start- Ups.

some companies grow and later become stagnant, we therefore give them practical tools to sustain the growth.

We have thus far been working with Incubation Hubs around Gauteng in assisting their Start Ups. 

Sales & Funding Pitch

Our experience with working with Start- Ups, has proved to us that Salespeople/ Entrepreneurs have a challenge of pricing and presenting their excellent Products/ Services to the Consumers. Due to lack of pricing technique, they either Over- price or Under- price their Goods or Services.

Failure to convert is owing to lack of Sales Strategies and Techniques. They inform the consumer rather than convert the occasion into a closed sale.

Further, when faced with price objections, they give in to the clients demands.

We therefore empower them with Pricing Techniques, Sales Strategies to close sales. In some cases, we also present on their behalf.

A good product badly presented to Funders leads to failure to obtain funding, yet  we also see entrepreneurs that have the not so good product well presented obtaining funding.

To curb this challenge, we therefore empower entrepreneurs with techniques to present their Product/ Service to potential Investors/ Funders.

Contract Negotiations

In today’s world, negotiation skills are critical to the success of any business- Negotiating with employees, suppliers, stakeholders, employers, growing profits, buying at discounts In a workplaces, the employer often wants to save costs by offering reasonable salary; the employee wants to get the maximum benefit. (Pecks, Vacations, Salary,  Incentives, etc).

In business transactions Consumers want to buy at discounted or reduced rates- saving big; Sellers want to sell high at  realizable profits. 

Lack of effective Negotiations Skills is one of the most common pitfalls of majority of entrepreneurs faced with this dilemma. This results in the seller unwittingly offering unnecessary discounts as well. Every discount given, eats on the profits; every discount received lowers costs and increases the profits.

In some cases, under pressure they accept terms and conditions that are not worth the document written on.

Business Models and Strategy

A business model is what your company will be doing and would like to achieve.

To achieve this Model, companies need a Strategy which is a road map in terms of how and when they are going to execute their plan in realizing their model.

Without a proper strategy, no company ever succeeds.

In assisting Start- Ups with Strategies and Models- Business Model Canvas, Lean Model Canvas, Design Thinking, Competitive Edge, and Business Strategies

We also empower clients with strategies to design their tailor- made Company and Product Competitive Edge.

Career Development Coaching and Mentoring

The shrinking markets means that employees are finding themselves in a very competitive environment for employment.

Employers on the other hand are faced with a laborious task of screening through countless number of job applicants’ CVs.

With our proper M & C our clients are able to craft effective CVs, excel in job interviews, and  progress in their careers.

Partner with us when preparing for your  Performance Assessments/ Appraisals for positive evaluation outcomes. 


Legal Consulting & Investigations

Armed with over 22 years of litigation experience, our company offers the following:

  • Legal Consulting and Advisory- Motor vehicle Accidents, Criminal, Maintenance, Civil, and Labour
  • Investigations- Forensic, Labour, and Criminal
  • Watching Briefs
  • Protection Orders
  • Private Prosecutions
  • Court Preparations
  • Uncontested Divorces
  • Sexual Offences
  • Workplace Harassment Workshop Facilitation

Motivational and Inspirational Talks

Forex Trading & Global Markets Training

Knowledge is power

At Machaba Advisory and Consulting we coach,  mentor clients on practical and sustainable Business, Leadership, contract Negotiations, Conflict Negotiations/ Management/ Resolution, Performance and Career Development skills necessary in today’s competitive world.

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