Our Services

Machaba Consulting Group, and Sirmanu Enterprise provide exceptional, reliable, and sustainable solutions for business’ effectiveness and efficiency.

The clients that benefit from our general services are chiefly, Start- Ups, SMMEs, Corporate, School Governing Bodies, Parastatals, and Public Sector, as well as professionals or aspiring ones.

Our custom made and problem- based solutions provide our clients with versatile and sustainable multi- faceted strategies to solve their challenges.


We have researched and spoken to most victims of crime and those affected by the effects crime.

Are you aware that statistics prove that the crime wave is getting worse in SA; and criminals have upper hand over law abiding communities?  

South African citizens live IN FEAR; and they feel that there is general lack of respect for the law, our lives, their property, women, and children.

Business and House Robberies, Thefts, Car Hijack (esp commercial or courier), Business and House break- ins, Fraud, Rape, Murder, Gender- based Violence (GBV), etc are the most common crimes and sadly on the upward increase. 

Imagine the impact that crime has on you/ us, our families, and businesses- Families are traumatized, upgrade security, or  forcefully relocate to new and safer areas. Businesses lose existing clients, spend endless days at courts and cease operations. The consequences are dire- low productivity, loss of customers/ clients and eventually business closure; and loss of employment.

Did you know that research has proved that criminals are not afraid of being arrested, but fear being found guilty and sent to jail? Do you, like many other South Africans, feel that our entire Criminal Justice System fails us? Is this vulnerability to crime something that we should be immune to and do nothing about? Can you afford to close your business or put your life on hold to deal with court cases?

Let our companies assist you in getting the justice you deserve- new, current, and reviewing old lost cases.


Conflicts are everywhere and can be with anyone- in business and in private lives.

The most common and often detrimental ones are in our workplaces- with Unions, Suppliers, Clients, Customers, Employees, and key stakeholders?

When conflicts are mismanaged or not effectively resolved, they have devastating consequences. These may include low production, reduced profits, loss of suppliers, customers and partners, etc and eventually business closure.

It is therefore important that businesses be proactive, pre- empt and effectively manage these business conflicts.

Our Effective Conflict Management/ Negotiation workshops and Masterclasses have empowered our delegates with enhanced employees’ Communication techniques that minimize workplace conflicts, and increase employee engagement and productivity.

These crucial soft skills are also critical during the on- boarding process of new recruits to reduce conflicts in Organizational culture differences.

These same tools can also be used in social lives– spouses, friends, children, etc.

However there are instances where the client would like to maintain objectivity, or in sensitive and volatile cases, or due to lack of Conflict management skills employ our company’s expertise to negotiate such conflicts on their behalf. 

Why not employ us for best Organizational Conflict management and resolution?


Whichever model you use, B2B or B2C, they are both susceptible to unpredictability and change. Organizations that operate without models, or that fail to redefine or restructure them when circumstances demand, have high costs and low or no profitability. The unfortunate end results are the closure of these businesses.

To survive the crisis, they must develop new innovative strategies of doing business.


We negotiate all the time- with Procurement Officers, Suppliers, Clients, Customers, Stakeholders, employees, etc. Unfortunately negotiations skills are critical tools seldom taught at our business institutions. 

Revenue management starts with generating profits and lowering costs through successful negotiations; thus leading to sustainable business growth.

Every business’ Valley of Death” is its inability to manage their finances. This includes inability to negotiate good prices and Discounts, Repayment and Credit Terms and Conditions favourable to the business. Doesn’t it therefore make sense that we all need effective negotiations skills?

Do you have the necessary ability to negotiate business contracts successfully?

Can you afford to lose lucrative business deals and profits because of poor negotiations skills?

Most successful companies today use our services to up- skill their workers with these rare negotiations skills.
Alternatively they hire professional negotiators like our companies to negotiate new contracts or renegotiate or review their existing ones for them.

Let us successfully negotiate mutually beneficial contracts on your behalf, to ensure that you receive mutual value from your contract negotiations. 


The wealth of leadership and management experience that Sir Manu Machaba has, assists the employees with Performance Development, and Career advancement. This mentoring and Coaching is helpful for Professionals and aspiring Professionals within a workplace. It is also beneficial in assisting the employees to exceed standards of performance and to grow up he employment ladder.


Do you need help to start or grow your career or business?

Has your business reached a stagnant position where no matter what you do there is no growth? 

Is it your professional growth you need assistance with?


In response to 4th Industrial Revolution and COVID- 19, we are now also providing Virtual formal tutorial classes from Grades 1- 7 (Afrikaans, English, Mathematics, and Mathematics Literacy).

At tertiary level, we offer online Law tutorials in (1) Intro to the Study of Law (2) Criminal Law (3) Law of Evidence (4) Criminal Procedural Law (5) Private Law, and (6) Business Law.

Our clients choose among 3 flexible Plans:

1. Monthly Retainer Fee- Most clients' preferred method

2. Charge per case, per hour

3. Daily Flat rate

Legal Advisory, Consulting, and Investigations

Did you know: Statistics show that violent and commercial crimes are on the increase in SA- from petty to serious crimes. Police and private security have their hands full and helpless to cope with this escalation. The society and business communities are under siege from criminals.


A crime is committed against you or your loved one (Robbery, Break-in, Rape, Theft, etc). You report the matter at the police station to have perpetrator arrested and sent to jail (in appropriate case) or to be compensated for your loss, where possible. Your statement is poorly written down. You leave the police station and you receive no further updates except Police Station case number and the name of the investigator. Soon thereafter the perpetrator is mysteriously released.

Years or months later you are called to court to testify about that crime. You absent yourself from work to attend court. What does this do to Start- Ups owners, and SMMEs? This absence has dire consequences on their production and profit margins.

You sit on those uncomfortable wooden court benches, but your case is continuously remanded and you spend few more months or years attending court, with same results of continued unnecessary postponements. To make matters worse, you are indirectly intimidated and mocked by the perpetrator and his friends/ family.

Eventually your case is thrown out for legal reasons that you do not understand or accept or because your witnesses are no longer available. Often when the case finally proceeds, your memory has faded and is poor because of lapsed time since the crime happened; and then the perpetrator is found not guilty. In both instances your perpetrator that invaded your rights is let free. Sadly, some of these are tactics meant to break, and demoralize you to finally withdraw the case.

If you ask most SA crime victims, they will confirm that sadly these are the terrible realities they face. Should this situation be allowed to go on? 

“Justice delayed is justice denied”.

Till when are we all going to be under siege?

In response to this unsustainable problem, our highly qualified legal team was formed to redress these prevalent and unwanted experiences. 

To ensure its success, the legal team is led by Sir Manu Machaba, former Senior Public Prosecutor in the National Prosecuting Authority.

He has well over 20 years expertise as a Criminal Court Public Prosecutor where he protected and defended the rights of the victims of crime.


  • Advised, directed, and supervised Criminal and Commercial investigations by SAPS Detectives, and Private Investigators;
  • Trained Prosecutors and SAPS members
  • Negotiated Plea Bargaining Agreements in Sentences,
  • Mediated Alternative Dispute Resolution sessions.

What will it mean to you when you can continue with your daily chores knowing that a competent company is handling your legal matters? We further ensure you prompt, fair and speedy finalization of your cases.

We assist clients with the following:

  • Legal Advise
  • Investigations-Criminal, Forensic and Labour
  • Pre- Trial Court preparations
  • Plea Bargaining Negotiations
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • Overview your cases in courts/ Watching Briefs
  • Facilitation of Workplace Sexual Harassment Workshops

Conflict Negotiations; Management; and Resolution

Irrespective of the parties’ good relationships or the strength of the organizational culture, workplace conflicts with clients, customers, stakeholders and employees are the most common, and inevitable.l,

When unresolved, business sadly suffer the consequences by experiencing:

  • Disgruntled customers/ clients
  • Reduction in number of clients/ customers
  • Expensive non- production related costs such as litigations
  • Low employee morale
  • Disengaged employees
  • Plummeting productivity
  • High absenteeism
  • Abuse of sick leave
  • Escalated resignations by loyal and skilled employees. 

It is therefore important that the entire workforce be equipped with the skills to manage and resolve conflicts.

Our Conflict Negotiations Programmes are designed to empower all employees with successful Conflict Negotiations skills. 

Our effective communication tools therefore assist the clients to: 

  • Embrace all forms of Diversity
  • Reduce Manager- Employee relations conflicts
  • Rebuild Communication bridges
  • Improve Teams’ overall performances
  • Increase productivity and profits
  • Eliminate costly hearings and litigations.

After attending our masterclasses or workshops, our delegates demonstrate ready to implement abilities to:

  • Craft a Conflict Negotiation Plan
  • Design Conflict Negotiations Checklist
  • Analyse arguments and apply critical reasoning techniques.
  • Identify and implement useful strategies to achieve collaborative Agreements
  • Handle Deadlocks and Impasse
  • Negotiate in diversity, esp across cultural barriers and Generational gaps
  • Analyze personality archetypes and traits
  • Apply Negotiations Strategies and Techniques
  • Mindful of Tactics used by other parties.
  • Interpret Non- verbal communication

At the end of our program we also perform simulation exercises to test the delegates’ ability to implement the newly acquired conflict negotiation tools.


Business Models and Strategy

Which business model are you using? Is it sustainable in the midst of the changes? Is it providing growth?

The digitally connected business world we live in is constantly faced with VUCA.

Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, most enterprises will have to review their business Models and Strategies.

Enterprises without proper models and strategies have high production costs (capital and resources), and their business concepts are not scalable nor profitable

This necessitates all forms and levels of businesses to respond to the changes with speed, innovation, and agility

Our restructuring programs enables our client companies to be competitive and relevant to the current business demands and changes. We assist enterprises identify how their models can be efficient, scalable and profitable.

The companies that we assist are able to:

  • Turn their ideas into scalable (Internal and External) and profitable businesses.
  • Improve efficiency– Low operation costs of product development and expansion
  • Design business’ Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Mission and Vision
  • Measure business’ performance- both internally and externally
  • Understand, analyze and implement their models and strategies that are relevant to the market, are performance driven and SMART.
  • Identify the business environmental changes and analyze its trends in order to respond appropriately. 

Sales & Funding Pitch


Our experience from working with entrepreneurs  has proved that they have a challenge of pricing and pitching their excellent Products/ Services to the market. They either Over- price or Under- price costing them business and buyers.

The challenge is also exacerbated by the inability of entrepreneurs and sales people to convert their pitch into transaction.

Further, they lack the techniques to handle general objections. They become emotional when Price objections are raised.

Our Masterclasses and Coaching sessions empower clients with:

  • Sales strategies and techniques to convert sales
  • Strategies to handle objections- verbal and silent objections
  • Interpreting verbal and non- verbal communication

However, some of or clients prefer us to present the products/ services to their potential; we pitch on their behalf.


Our engagements with Funders and also being Panelists in Funding Competitions (Private and Public Agencies) has enlightened us more about Funders’ requirements.

Funders/ Investors invest in lucrative and sustainable business models with high potential of scalability and profitability/ ROI.

Have you also , like other lenders that failed to get funding, experienced:

  • Lack of coaches for the pitches
  • Poorly pitching the businesses/ offering to Funders- whether it be Elevator Pitch/ Pitch deck or 20 mins pitch.
  • Committed common errors and mistakes during the pitch
  • Unable to convince the potential funders why their business models and strategies have ROI
  • The Pitching slides are not strategically crafted.
  • Inability to answer critical questions, esp on Team, Financials and Traction, etc

The sad results thereof are that great products or business end up not funded.

Our two companies have been successful in coaching entrepreneurs to successfully receive funding for their products/ businesses.

Our success rate is 90% of our clients have received funding from Angel Investors and Government Agencies.

We have a good track record of having successfully assisted our pitching clients to:

  • Highlight a Product Value Proposition
  • Impress Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Coach and Review Business Plans
  • Pitch Funding strategies and techniques
  • Develop winning Pitching Slides
  • Empower them with techniques to overcome objections
  • Successfully answer tricky Investors’ questions.

Contract Negotiations

After the SA COVID- 19 lockdown, current/ majority of the current contracts/ deadlines/ agreements will have to be re- negotiated, new contracts drafted, new MoUs, and SLAs signed.

Therefore, effective negotiations skills will assist the parties to achieve mutually beneficial agreements.

These negotiations skills are also imperative when:

  • Sales: Buying or selling valuable commodity- Price and T’s & C’s
  • Negotiating lobola 
  • Employment contracts,
  • Salary pecks discussion,
  • Project deadlines
  • Stakeholder/Supplier/ Customer/ Client discussions

Cash flow management is important for the businesses liquidity and sustainability. 

Therefore, in today’s business world, negotiation skills are critical in reducing costs, profitability and success of any enterprise

Our benefits and empowers negotiators and entrepreneurs to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our training includes, though not limited to:

  • Crafting a Negotiation priority plan
  • Designing Negotiations Checklist
  • Creating Needs and Values- based negotiations
  • Decoding hidden meanings in verbal communications
  • Interpreting non verbal communication
  • Applying Critical reasoning and argumentation
  • Asking relevant probing questions
  • Using Power elements
  • Useful tips to achieve collaboratively and mutually beneficial agreement
  • How to handle Deadlocks and Impasse
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Negotiating across cultural barriers
  • Apply Negotiations Strategies and Techniques
  • Awareness of Tactics used by other parties


Coaching and Mentoring

With the high rate that new businesses are folding up annually (over 70%), our key focus is on equipping the entrepreneurs with guidance tools to stay in business.

Some companies grow and later become stagnant, we therefore empower them with practical tools to grow and sustain the growth.

As registered business mentors and coaches, we have also been able to empower incubated Start- Ups and SMMEs with these practical growth tools.

Career Development Coaching and Mentoring

The shrinking markets means that employees are finding themselves in a very competitive environment for employment.

It is for this reason that our services are for career focused and ambitious professionals. We re- ignite best performance and development.

For positive evaluation outcomes, partner with us when preparing for your Performance Assessment. 

Leadership and Negotiations Skills

In Leadership roles, successful organizations thrive on the strength of their great leaders that have negotiations skills.. 

In our Programmes, our clients learn:

  • How to design a Negotiation game- plan
  • Various Negotiations strategies and techniques
  • Drafting a Negotiations Value proposition checklist
  • Interpreting Non- verbal communications
  • How to handle emotions from the other side, and to check your own emotions 
  • Dealing with Cultural barriers
  • Strategies to enhance the skills to work cooperatively for a mutual agreement.

In some cases, where desired by the client, we negotiate deals and contract on their behalf.



Design Thinking Methodologies/Processes

The inception of a new product is meant to check its validity and establish the focus on meeting customers’ demands. For that, organizations/ businesses benefit from the Design Thinking Processes, a powerful solution to solve user problems.

Design Thinking is a trending topic in the business world.

The inception of a new product is meant to check its validity and establish the focus on meeting customers’ demands. For that, organizations that use DS benefit from it.

Our company has had an opportunity to empower institutions with Design Thinking  framework/ Processes, particularly Start- Ups and Innovators.

The benefit of using this systematic and non- linear framework is that the clients are able to:

  • Assist organizations (Public and Private sector) and Innovators to solve User’s complex problems. This objective is achieved through brainstorming techniques, identifying, and uncovering the  buyer’s needs
  • Implement Break- through turn around
  • Reduce resignation rates.
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Improve productivity
  • Reinvent business models and redefining old strategies

Knowledge is power

At Machaba Advisory and Consulting we coach,  and mentor clients on practical and sustainable: 

  • Business Solutions
  • Leadership Development
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Sales, and Funding Pitch
  • Conflict Negotiations/ Management/ Resolution
  • Performance Development and Management
  • Career Development.
  • Educational/ Academic Tutorials

Join successful business people

Attend and partake in our business Seminars to get the tools to help you have a sustainable business, and personal growth.